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Project Description

The Microsoft Tag jQuery Plugin renders Microsoft Tags from .tag (string) format to an HTML5 canvas.

Supports black and white as well as color tags, custom tag (dots) and regular (triangles) and includes limited options for background colors and images.


     <div class="tag">15EB2120A3CFDC611774B7C711B</div>

     <script type="text/javascript">
               width: nnn,
               backgroundColor: 'color',
               backgroundImage: 'path-to-image'

For some silly reason I set the canvas width parameter as an option with default 213px rather than just reading from parent element. Alas, for now, you must set the canvas width explicitly if you want something other than the default value.

Setting either the backgroundColor or backgroundImage options will force the tag to render as a custom tag (dots rather than triangles).

Sample Output


The source project is fully deployed to

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